Australian Architects Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency

The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time. Globally, buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats.

Meeting the needs of our communities and staying within our ecological limits will require a shift in our behaviour as well as the design, delivery and performance of our buildings. Together with our clients, we will need to commission and design buildings, cities and infrastructures as indivisible components of a larger, constantly regenerating and self-sustaining system.

The research and technology exist for us to begin that transformation now, but what has been lacking is collective will. Recognising this, we are committing to strengthen our working practices to create architecture and urbanism that has a more positive impact on the world around us.

We will seek to:

In Australia, we as architects are aware that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have long espoused the cultural, social, economic and environmental benefits embedded in the holistic relationship of Caring for Country.

Founding signatories:

ARM Architecture, Alec Tzannes, Bates Smart, Breathe Architecture, Brit Andresen, BVN, Circa Morris-Nunn, Clare Design, Design 5, dwp | design worldwide partnership, FJMT, TheFulcrum.Agency, Glenn Murcutt, Greenaway Architects, Gregory Burgess Architects, Hassell, Iredale Pedersen Hook, Jackson Clements Burrows (JCB), John Wardle Architects, Ken Maher, Kerstin Thompson Architects, Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc., Liminal Studio, Partners Hill, Peter Stutchbury, Rick Leplastrier, Six Degrees, Taylor and Hinds Architects, TKD Architects, Troppo, and Woods Bagot.

We hope that every Australian architectural practice will join us in making this commitment.


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K2LD Architects Kaleidoscope Architecture Studio Kaleidoscope Creative Kali Marnane Architect Kalliopi Vakras Karabatos Architecture Karen Abernethy Architects Karen Erdos Architecture Kart Projects | Architecture Katherine Gifford Katherine Murray Katsieris Origami Katz Architecture Kaunitz Yeung Architecture Kavellaris Urban Design Keen Architecture Kelly Architects Ken Maher Ken McBryde Architectural Physics Pty Ltd Kennedy Associates Architects Kennedy Nolan KENNON+ Kent Lyon Architect Kerstin Thompson Architects Kg architecture KGA Architecture Khab Architects Kieron Gait Architects Kim Caldicott KIN Architects Kister architects Knight Wilson Knut Menden Koichi Takada Architects Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc. KPDO Kubanyi Architects Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Lacoste + Stevenson Architects Lahznimmo Architects Laird Tran Studio Lan & Skinner Architect Lande Architects Lara Nobel Larcombe + Solomon Architects LARKI Last Architects Laura Bulmer Architect Law Architects PL LAYAN Architecture Leaf Architecture Leah Reynolds Architect Lee Yang Yang Leenders Cottier architects Leeton Pointon Architects level architeckture>konstrukt Level Architects Levesque & Derrick Architects LIAN Licht Architecture Light House Architecture Light House Architecture & Science Liminal Studio Linden Thorley Architect Lindsay Johnston LineburgWang Lisa Breeze Architect Lisa Merkesteyn Living Colour Studio Liza Neil LLA Lockhart - Krause Architects Lockhart-Krause Architects Loft Architecture Pty Ltd Lorina Nervegna Architects Loucas Architects Louise Nettleton Architects Lovell Chen Luca Calvanese Architect Lucy Architecture Lucy Clemenger Architects Lucy Humphrey Studio Luke Moloney Architecture Lumen Studio Lumin Architecture LXN Architecture m3architecture Maad Studio Maarch Mackenzie Pronk Architects Maddison Architects Made For Madeleine Blanchfield Architects Maguire + Devine Architects Mahalath Halperin Architects Make Architects Making Ground MAKO Architecture Malcolm Middleton Architects Mani Architecture Mantric Architecture MANZarchitecture Marc&co MARCH STUDIO Marchese Partners Marci Webster-Mannison Marcus O’Reilly Architects Maria Danos Architecture Mark McKenna Mark Phillips Architect Mark Szczerbicki Design Studio Markham-Lee Architecture Marra + Yeh Architects Mártires Doyle Mary Ellen Hudson Mathieson Architects Matt Devine Matt Gibson Architecture + Design Matt Williams Architects Matthew Pullinger Architect Matthew Woodward Architecture Matthews Architects Maxwell & Page Maytree Studios McBride Charles Ryan (MCR) McGregor Coxall Mcgregor westlake architecture McIldowie Partners MCK Architects mcmahon and nerlich McManus Lew Architects MDC Architects ME Megowan 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Butterworth Architect Paul Downton Architect Paul Edwards Paul Haar Architect Paul Hofman Architect Paul Morgan Architects Paul Wakelam Architect Paul Wakelam Architect PDT Architects Pedersen Architecture People Oriented Design Perkins Architects Perversi-Brooks Architects Pete Collings Architect peter andrews + associates Peter Gionfriddo Architect Peter Hobbs Architects Peter Stutchbury Peter Willett Associates Peter Winkler Architects PH Architects PharmOut Philip Follent Philip Pollard Philip Stejskal Architecture Phillip Schemnitz Phillips and Associates Architects Phillips Marler Phillips/Pilkington Architects PHOOEY Architects Pidcock pieter henry PINS STUIDO Platt Consultants Pleysier Perkins Plico Design Studio Plot Architecture Plus Architecture Ply Architecture PM+D Architects P/L POC+P architects Poly Studio PopovBass Architects Populous Porebski Architects Preston Lane Architects Project 12 Architecture Project857 Prudence Bowe Architect ptma architecture PTW Architects PTX Architects Purcell Quadrant Design Architects Rachcoff Vella Architecture rama architects Ramsay Architects Ranald Boydell Rara Architecture Raven Fisher Architects Ray Dinh Architecture Re-Architecture Realize Architecture Rebecca Naughtin Architect Reddog Architects redstudio architects Reduct Architecture REFRESH*DESIGN Regional Design Service Resonance design + architecture Retallack Thompson Richard FitzGerald Architects Richard Layton & Associates Richards Stanisich Rick Leplastrier Rijavec Architecture Urbanism RK Heritage ROAM Architects rob de boni architect Rob Henry Architects Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors Robert Nichol & sons Roberts Gardiner Architects Robinson Architects Robinson Architecture Robson Rak Architects and Interior Designers Robyn Booth Architect Rolf Ockert. Architect ROOM 11 Rory Toomey Rosevear Stephenson Rosie Adams-Schimminger Rosie Burton Architect ROSSI ARCHITECTS Rosstang Architects Rothelowman Rowlinson Architects RUBI Architects Russell & George Russell & Yelland Rust Architecture Design Ryan Wazir RZK GROUP SAHA Saltbush Projects Sam Crawford Architects Sam Romanous Architects Sandberg Schoffel Architects Sans-Arc Studio Sarah Lake Architects Sash Design SAXON HALL architecture SBA Architects Schimminger Architects Scortis Rajaratnam Architecture Interiors Scott and Ryland Architects Scott Carver Scott Flett Architecture Workshop Searle x Waldron Architecture SEED Seemann Rush Architects Selma Sense Architecture Sevda Cetin SG2 design SHAC Shane Thompson Architects Shared Space Architecture Shaun Lockyer Architects Shed Architects Shelley Penn Architect Shelley Roberts Architects Sheri Haby Sibling Architecture Silvester Fuller Simon and Freda Thornton Simon Couchman Architects simpsonwilsonarchitects SimulAA Sissons SITE Architecture Studio Site studio six b design Six Degrees SJB Skart Skein Sky Architect Studio SKYRING ARCHITECTS Slavin Architects SMarchitecture Smart Design Studio Smith & Tzannes Snell Architects Soboke Studio Social Design and Architecture Soft Loud House Architects SOLEK Architecture Sonder Architects Sonelo Architects Sophie Giles Architects SOS Architects SOUND SPACE DESIGN Source Architects Spaceagency spArch Sparks Architects Splinter Society Architecture Spowers ssd studio Stafford Architecture Stallard Meek Architects Stanton Dahl Architects STAR Architecture Statkus Architecture Stavrias Architecture Stefanidis Architects Steffen Welsch Architects Stephen Lumb Architect Stephen Pearse Architect Steven Mueller Architect Stewart Architecture Still Space Architecture Stuart Tanner Architect Studio AKA Studio Apparatus Studio Bravura Studio Bright Studio Dot Architecture & Interiors Studio Elliott Studio GA Studio GL Studio Hollenstein Studio Ilk Studio Ilk Studio Loci Studio Nield Studio Nine Architects Studio Origami Architects studio people people Studio Prineas Studio Schofield Studio Two Architecture & Design Studio Weave Architects Studio-Gram studio203 Studiobird STUDIOFANG studiofour studioplusthree Sue Connor Architects sue harper Sunpath Design Supercontext Surroundings Susan Dugdale and Associates Suzanne Hunt Architect Swamp Studio Swell Architects Symbiosphere System Architects TAG Architects Tait Network Takt Studio Talina Edwards Architecture TANDEM Design Studio Tanya Mathers Architecture + Design Taro Studio Taut Taylor and Hinds Architects Taylor Buchtmann Architecture Taylor Knights Architects Taylor Reynolds Architects Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick TEAM-B TEAM2 Architects Techne Architecture and Interior Design Terry Farrell Architect The Arch Deli The Artificial The Mill: Architecture + Design The Soft Build TheFulcrum.Agency Theo Mathews Architect Therefore These Are The Projects We Do Together Thomas +Williams Architects Those Architects Tim Carrington Design Tim Ditchfield Architects Tim Spicer Architects Timothy Spooner TKD Architects Tobias Partners Tochi Workshop Tom Dowling Architecture Tomas O'Malley Architect Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Tony Di Mase - Architects Tony Edye and Associates Pty Ltd Topology Studio Totalspace Design Toussaint and Volz to_make architects Trace Studio Architects Travis Walton Architecture TRIAS Tribe Studio Architects Tricia Helyar Architect Troppo True North Architects tsai Design TURNER TVS architects Undercover Architect UP Architects Urakawa Jenkins Architecture Utz Sanby Architects Vanessa Wegner Architect Vanessa Yee Architect Via Architects Virginia Kerridge Virginia Wong-See vittinoAshe architects WALA Walker Hart Design WallaceBrice Architecture Walsh² Architects Walter&Walter Warren and Mahoney Architects Warren Lee Architecture Warwick O'Brien Architects Watson Architects watsonarchitecture+design WD Architects Weaver + Co Architects WEBB+ Welsh + Major Architects Wesley Shaw Weston Williamson + Partners Weston Williamson + Partners Wheelahan Whitty Whispering Smith Whiting Architects Wiesebrock Architecture Will Harkness Architecture Will Thomson Williams Burton Leopadi Williams Ross Architects WilliamsBoag architects Willow Architecture + Design Wilson Architects WIM Architects Windiate Architects Windust Architecture x Interiors Winter Architecture Winwood Mckenzie With_Architecture Studio WMK Architecture Woah Studio Wolveridge Architects Woods Bagot workshop architecture WOWOWA Architecture XEN Architecture XO Projects Y2 Architecture Yen-Ru Wu YesSamMassey Designs Youssofzay + Hart YSC Architects ZArchitects Zen Architects Zero c architects ZGA Studio Zilka studio ZWEI Interiors Architecture
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