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Architects Declare is an international network of architectural practices committed to addressing the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Launched on 30 May 2019 by the then 17 UK recipients of the Stirling Prize, Architects Declare quickly attracted hundreds of other architectural practices from across the UK. Australian Architects Declare launched in June 2019, the third country to join the movement.

Under the wider banner of ‘Construction Declares’, Architects Declare has now spread to more than 20 different countries, with over 5,000 signatories, and has been adopted by other built environment disciplines that have signed up to variations on the original 11-point declaration.

Architects Declare is about encouragement, with every signatory organisation expected to self-govern its progress toward achieving the commitments it has made. On the basis that no single architect is currently meeting every part of the radical commitment to change, a firm ‘no public blame and shame’ policy is in place.

Current Steering Group Members

Jo Best (NT)

Claire Bowles (VIC)

Sam Bowstead (QLD)

Verity Campbell (VIC)

Antony DiMase (VIC)

Cary Duffield (SA)

Talina Edwards (VIC)

Chiara Paolini (NSW)

Caroline Pidcock (NSW)

Valerie Saavedra (NSW)

Andrew Shurman (TAS)

Steffen Welsch (VIC)

Why Declare

Australian Architects Declare offers support to its signatories, through events, shared best practice and coordinated responses to issues. We encourage our devolved network to take part in all of these endeavours.

Architects Declare is free to join.

Through Construction Declares, Architects Declare is developing international links with a growing number of signatories across the world, holding virtual meetings to explore opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges and collaborations.

Architects Declare is an industry recognised initiative, and many signatories are using the simplicity and clarity of the declaration as a catalyst to drive effective change within their organisations; many are also using it as a tool to demonstrate their commitment to combating climate change in discussion with clients and collaborators.

Australian Architects Declare is a collective voice, liaising with other industry-based organisations and networks, constructively engaging with government, clients and the architectural press.


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